Generating Beautiful Minds: KnowHow’s Brand New AI Course Content Toolkit

We are thrilled to share some big news from our team here at KnowHow. We’ve recently launched a set of AI eLearning tools to make it much easier to build courses and deliver content effectively. Here’s a quick run-through of what these new tools can do and how they can help you in your role.

AI Course Generator: Automatically Creates Courses

For those who are really short on time, our AI Course Generator will be a lifesaver. Just tell it what you need your team to learn, and it will put together a course for you. You can review and tweak it in Quick Builder before it goes live to make sure everything is just right.

Our AI-Powered Quiz Generation Tool

The AI Quiz Generator is a tool we think managers will find really useful. It takes the content you’ve uploaded and automatically designs quizzes for it. This means you don’t have to spend time coming up with questions and answers yourself. It’s a great way to make sure learners understand the material without extra work on your part.

Quick Builder: Making Course Creation Fast and Easy

Our new Quick Builder tool is designed to help you create courses quickly without sacrificing quality. If you have existing material in PDFs or Word documents, you can easily make use of Quick Builder. Add some style to your courses using the HTML editor, making sure they match your organisation’s look. Possibly the most exciting new offering is our new AI Quiz Generator—it automatically creates quizzes from your course content, saving you time and effort!

Easy Integration and Keeping Up With Technology

We’ve made sure that these new AI tools work smoothly with the existing features on our platform. You can switch between using traditional methods and the new AI options whenever you want, all within the same system. We’re committed to keeping up with the latest technology so that we can keep improving the platform for you.

What This Means for You

By introducing these AI tools, we aim to make your job easier. Creating courses and assessing learners can now be done much faster, which means you can focus more on engaging with learners and less on administrative tasks. These tools are here to help you provide better training and make sure everyone can keep learning effectively.

Thanks for your continued support as we strive to make KnowHow the best learning platform it can be. We believe these tools are a big step forward in making learning and training as straightforward and effective as possible.

Looking forward to seeing all the great ways you’ll use these new features!

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